Elwood Staffing

Elwood Staffing is building a new corporate office in Columbus, IN.  We’ve worked with Driftwood Builders to make it happen.  Projects like this are always fun to be a part of.

Healthcare Furniture

We produce quite a bit of casework for the healthcare industry.  Plastic laminates & melamines, real wood and wood veneers, solid surface materials… whatever the customer desires.  

Local Restaurant

The Restaurant at Walhill Farm Great customer, great place to eat.  We’ve made a few of the tables & bar top, refinished some of the Romweber furniture.  If you want a great meal, check it out.  Open every day but Monday.  Peter Hillenbrand has…

Custom Commercial Kitchen

This was a fun project.  A custom kitchen.  This one had reclaimed barn siding for the cabinet facing, most finished in a rustic weathered red, that reminds you of an old barn.